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Chain Drive Openers

As the oldest and still the most popular of their kind, the chain drive openers for garage doors are used by many households. They are chosen for their reliable performance and durability. By learning more about their structure and operation, you will be able to provide better maintenance and know how to effectively troubleshoot the device.Chain Drive Openers in Temple Terrace

The motor unit is the major electronic component of the opener system

It is mounted on the ceiling. The distance between it and the wall above the overhead door corresponds to the door's height. The main components of the motor unit are the circuit board, motor and shaft with a drive gear at the bottom and a sprocket at the top. There is a metal rail going from the unit to the wall above the door. It houses the drive chain, which is connected to the sprocket.

When the motor operates, it spins the drive gear and consequently the sprocket via the shaft. This enables the movement of the chain inside the rail. There is a trolley attached to the chain that moves along with it. The trolley is connected to the door via a moving arm. When the sprocket turns the chain clockwise, the overhead door is opened. Movement in the opposite direction leads to closing.

Due to the fact that the chain is made from metal, the chain drive opener offers great strength and durability. However, they are not fully protected. Some of the more common problems include dry chain and broken drive gear. The opener repair involves chain cleaning and lubrication or gear replacement respectively. More serious issues include faulty circuit board, faulty motor and broken trolley. The repair usually involves replacing the component. 

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