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The job of garage door openers is to automate the opening and closing of the big heavy door. Furthermore, they help keeping it secure with the use of rolling code technology and other protective features. The devices made after 1993 come with a full range of safety features too. It pays off to know as much as possible about these operators, so we encourage you to read on.Garage Door Openers in Florida

Chain Drive Opener

This is the most widely used type of opener. It is available from all popular brands ranging from LiftMaster to Genie. A motor unit is mounted on the ceiling and a metal rail extends from it to the wall above the overhead door. Inside the rail sits a metal chain. It is driven by the motor with the help of a moving gear, shaft and sprocket. A trolley is connected to the chain and rail, on one side, and to a moving arm on the other. The arm is connected to the door. When the motor runs, it drives the chain and therefore moves the whole door.

Safety Sensors

These components also known as photo eyes play an important part in the opener system. They come in pairs and each one is set on the opposite side of the door, usually around six inches above the ground. One of the sensors produces an infrared beam and the other one captures it. If the beam is interrupted by a stationary or moving object during door closing, the photo eyes send a signal to the opener and the door’s course is reversed.

Opener Maintenance

It is best to start with the cleaning, alignment and testing of the safety sensors. The test involves blocking the beam with an object while the door is in open position. When you initiate closing, the door should not move down. The lubrication of the drive chain is also important. Remember to run one cycle to ensure proper spreading. All components of the opener system require careful inspection. In case of damage, extensive wearing or any other kind of issue, timely repair is required.

Opener Repair

The repair work begins with inspection and testing for identifying the underlying cause of the problem. Some of the major issues affecting openers include broken trolley, bent rail, broken moving gear and faulty motor. If it cannot be repaired, the affected component is replaced with a new one.

If you need professional opener repair, maintenance or replacement, count on our company to do the job professionally in the shortest possible time. We at Garage Door Repair Temple Terrace use only advanced equipment and top-quality spare parts by popular brands to deliver top results. We work with absolutely all types of openers regardless of their design, make, brand or year of production.

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