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Tips for Garage Door Safety

07/31/2014 Back To Blog

The door to your garage plays a major role in keeping your house safe and secure. But with its massive size, it is important to know how to works to avoid any possible injury. Here are some of the most important things experts at garage door repair Temple Terrace would like to remind all garage door owners about:Tips for Garage Door Safety

What to Avoid

Avoid pressing the remote controls or controls on the wall of your garage door opener. By constantly pressing it, you will cause the system to give way. When the door is moving, avoid standing too close to the door, otherwise you might get hurt along the way. Do not place your hands near the door while opening or closing it.

What to Remember

Know how your garage door works. Make sure to read the manual to learn about its full functions. Always remember that garage doors are not for playing. Remotes should be kept away from children to ensure that they do not play with it. Do not allow children to play with it as they can get hurt in the process of opening the door. Garage door maintenance is a must. If you leave your garage door parts to rust, these parts will eventually break due to wear and tear. So, make sure to conduct lubrication maintenance procedures to ensure that all the parts are working well at all times. Regular checkups are also important to ensure the safety of the people in your house. Make sure to look at loose wires around the door as these wires can cause short circuits, which are very dangerous.

If you come across any door problem, it is always best to call someone who knows what they are doing. Although others try to fix door problems on their own, it is always safest to leave this to the experts. Call us if you need any help.

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